Betrayal stabs like a dagger,

Cutting slices of my heart into 10 million scattered pieces,

The open wound lingers eternally,

 Blood clots clump into a swamp of hate and anger,

The horizon does not rebirth the putrid, frozen tissue,

Feelings of filth and deceit seep through every cell of my dying body,

The bond that was once so strong rots into the sewage of what remains,

Here what lies beneath can cast only ominous shadows of a world with disposable people,

People are wooden soldiers,

Friends are paper dolls,

And my heart beat is replaced by a leather-bound drum,

Fickle and inconsistent creating chaos that breeds madness through every open vessel,

Inside I am screaming to shut you out,

Because once the cauldron boils only steam can escape,

Trust is battered and raped,

And you can only count on yourself.



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