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Blame the trees...

Love brightens even more with the trees

My inner thoughts of you are translucent on my body

Every second with you feels like infinity 

Infinite beauty 

Infinite scares that you leave 

Anything is possible with you

When I get lost 

Your there to show me the way 

I hope this explains how much I love you

Sometimes your love puts me in a trance

Words are difficult 


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Bram Stoker's ghost is queueing

at the turnstile of the National Trust.

He's hoping for a viewing

of the abbey ruins at Whitby

the church and the plunging steps

where Lucy Westenra descended

entranced, danced to Dracula's tune


"Was Dracula real" he asks himself

as he looks far out to sea,

"or another facet, a commercial asset

of tragic history."

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When i'm done with being young

i'm gonna be the next king.

That's the way it's gonna be

are you with me?

I'll be famous obviously

and appreciate society and everything.


I wouldn't let the country down to be honest,

or let people rub me up the wrong way,

i'd make sure my family

would have somewhere to stay.


All my mates would be doing well

'cause they nev...

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I don't know what to say other than ......

I wish 
I could hold you tight
And that you'd hold me 
In a cocoon of togetherness, spun of the strongest thread
Only to break as beauty forces itself out into the world
It's metamorphosis delicate, fragile
Exquisite in its simplicity 

I wish 
I could kiss you .......

(C) Pixievic

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In a town called Tumbleweed

sound is deadened

so that every conversation

crawls like a gentle breeze

through cotton wool.


Beggars are kings,

politicians pariahs,

policemen thieves,

priests parasites.

Suzie is a victim.


The streets of Tumbleweed

host sinners, saints and surrogates

sneering into bibles

left to them

by agnostic pa...

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apocalypsefantasygothichorrorurban decayvampiremetaphor


a trickle 
from mountain rain 
it starts ......


a quiver of droplets
converging together
coursing through my body 
consuming my thoughts
babbling down my contours
into my valleys
soaking my senses 
with lust
growing in need
shuddering across rocks
rapidly gaining in momentum
in a frenzy of whitewater 
reaching the drop
at ...

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