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Dumping a fantasy

How do you dump one who's never been yours,

who barely cares you exist,

someone whose body you never have held,

whose mouth you never have kissed?

Though there's nothing to dump, dump you I must,

Dump you right out of my head

where images of you haunt and tease,

caused (to be fair!) by nothing you've done or said.

Tomorrow I get my life back I hope

after a fantasy-nightm...

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Beauty Unseen

Frozen sighs shadow thick,

Fire heaving through the giants teeth,

Her silk dress gliding gently, serene,

Eyes beating like drums on Winter Eve.

He quells her silent tears,

Caressing her sea of particles,

Eliminating the smudges wept across her jaw,

For her eyes spilled a thousand written articles.

"Beauty, beauty is within and without,"

He articulates, palm leveling her ...

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The Visitor


The sinful taste of poisoned lips

I'm drunk on him, immerse me

Deserving of his fingertips

Explore me, show no mercy.


Lustful urges, all consuming

In blackness, I await him

The need is overpowering

Will I sink or will I swim?


In midnight light, he comes to me

With wanton hands he captures

Undresses me with savage glee 

Each touch he breaks and frac...

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Weathering Heights

She was out of the window

She was up on the roof

She was sitting on pylons

She was somewhat aloof.


She was on wings of airplanes

She was flying with kites

She was in a balloon race

She was weathering heights.

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Pickles and Porkpie

Pickles and Porkpie

Relished a picnic

Under a sunken tree.

They happily hobnobbed

With Chutney and Cheddar

And gossiped with gallons

Of tea! :)

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fairy talefictionFantasy

To Love In The Summer Rain



Dew soaked blades


To the morning rain  


To reveal our bodies

As one

Skin glistening

 A simmering cocktail

Of raindrops and sweat


Bathing in the petrichor

We reached the summit

Closing my eyes in glory

Bottling the scent deep within

Opening them to find you






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Bang my limbs on tight taut moons

Bleed my drips of sunshine seas

Dot to dot my stars to spoons

Fire my spinning moon to beams

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I Am Become Death

And I will say - now I am become fire.
The liar, the thief, stirred underneath
In golden chasms burst forth
Unto wrought iron skies
Shedding white scales
Upon the veils of the red.


And I will say - now I am become faith.
The wraith deity, gravity defiler
Tied to the fate, the hate
Of beaten idols
Lying in scattered pieces
Upon barren soils.


And I will say - now I am becom...

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Girl in a Giraffe Onesey

The rushing student in rabbit hat just makes the train,

the door squeezes shut and we’re off!

Hissing past winter’s flooded farms;

though We glisten like jungle leaves in a hot house –

And the smell of packed animals – Oh, the smell!


Opposite a manager taps his keyboard in novelty tiger gloves

and, stroking his whiskers, looks up and

tenses; with fixed cat stare –

And ...

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wish sister

wish sister



I mouthed beer breathed approbation

at the invited wonder of your sister's sweatered breasts

the tableau set

for such delicious beginnings and shaky revisions,

once I  left the "look but do not touch" misgivings

amongst  the litter of a thousand such instructions


I borrowed that hazel eyed angel for a night

rescued from drowning in a clear bottled...

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fantasynaughtysinfulwishful thinking


I’d like to be a cannonball:

Smash through things and knock down walls

I’d leave a trail of destruction in my wake

Before it’s even time to take a tea break.


I’d like to drink fifteen pints of lager

And ride through the shopping centre like a knight on a charger

Smashing things merrily as I go

Making a mess with a creamy gateaux


I’d like to swear loudly in a quiet...

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