I Am Become Death

And I will say - now I am become fire.
The liar, the thief, stirred underneath
In golden chasms burst forth
Unto wrought iron skies
Shedding white scales
Upon the veils of the red.


And I will say - now I am become faith.
The wraith deity, gravity defiler
Tied to the fate, the hate
Of beaten idols
Lying in scattered pieces
Upon barren soils.


And I will say - now I am become fear.
Spread clear under the moonlight,
The sight of me frightens,
Whitens the eyes of all
Shadows cast from moonbeams
Upon the seams of the earth.


And I will say - now I am become pain.
Ravaged insane, bequeathed with daggers
For teeth, fine and foul,
Shatters the ivory,
Freely feasting on flesh
Upon the irony of endless wounds.


And I will say - now I am become law.
Upon the clasp and claw; raw the heat,
Meat blistering, burning, filling the urns
Turning masses to ashes
At the desecration of cities
Upon the fall of my pity.


And I will say - now I am become loss.
Creator of chaos, struck firm in the forge,
For George could not slay me,
Pray he stay hidden under tor and stone,
Lone slumber in English beds
Upon the plagues I spread and spread.


And I will say - now I have become past.
Unsurpassed by Ascalon, thou art benign
At the refining of my doom,
The approaching end soon beckons,
My reckoning utter, unpaid
Upon the flayed scars of these lands.


And I will say - witness my destruction.
My desolation, laying waste
As though an aftertaste of a life-age,
Waging my ancient war, white wings unfurled
I need say no more - for I am become Death,
The destroyer of worlds.


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Kenneth Eaton-Dykes

Wed 30th Apr 2014 11:34

I like this abridged summary of terrible events since God knows when. Can you counter balance it
with an equally good sequence of the nicer happenings during the same period.

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Simon Austin

Wed 30th Apr 2014 10:25

Thanks Harry - it was inspired by really wide range of subjects and themes (Tolkien, The Bhagavad Gita, the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests to name a few!) and I wanted to try and go for something a bit more fantastical as opposed to my usual style of gritty/historical.

Not perfect by any means but I really enjoyed writing it and being a bit free with my language, so thank you for your comment :)

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Harry O'Neill

Tue 29th Apr 2014 23:22

I like the ambition of this

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