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Sometimes I wish I

were a little more happy.

But I just feel

so darned sad.


Sometimes with myself I

get a little angry.

Sometimes I get

a little mad.


It's said to "Look

for the silver lining."

But all I see

is the dark cloud.


I try to quite

the uneasy voices.

But sometimes they are

just so...

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The Ballad Of Billy Nomates

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The Ballad Of Billy Nomates


You were bigger than a bus,

with a face as red as Martian dust

and a neck that started somewhere in your crown.

I was small and insecure,

as I approached the guarded door,

knowing that you were about to put me down.


You were giving me that look

that said you couldn’t give a fuck

for my need to get beyond the ticket box.


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By: Ali Taha Alnobani
He was lying on the grass
Looking carelessly at his watch
He needs to relax
But a voice is slamming his head:
Tick … tick
Seems saying: life is just a trick
He took a picture out of his pocket
Ripped into small pieces
Paths and routs
Plants and shoots
Telling the happiness rare story
About the unlucky traveler

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Blue Lights, No Siren


Blue lights, No Siren
The ambulances whiz past to Alder Hey…..
All day and all night.
They pass.
Some without blue lights and sirens, I hope…..
Hope……They are just going to pick a little boy up
And, take him home
I hope he’s going to a nice home……
Where he lives with people that love and appreciate him.
For the gift he is.

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Four Leaf Clover

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Four Leaf Clover
I saw two leprechauns last night
Doing a dance around our garden light
So I snook out the front, and down our back alley
with my hood pulled up just like a scally
Scaled next doors fence, then over ours
with a fishing net and two jam jars
Then I crept up…..I caught the two
They didn’t know just what to do

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