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Four Leaf Clover

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Four Leaf Clover
I saw two leprechauns last night
Doing a dance around our garden light
So I snook out the front, and down our back alley
with my hood pulled up just like a scally
Scaled next doors fence, then over ours
with a fishing net and two jam jars
Then I crept up…..I caught the two
They didn’t know just what to do
Believe me this is truth not children’s fable
I placed them on our the kitchen table
They where at first quite angry, but soon chilled out
When I told them what my plans about
I said  “I’d like to show the world your real
Try to change the way that people feel
You see we’ve lost our magic.  Become quite lost
Don’t know true wealth, always counting cost
We live just like we’ll never die
Only concerned about the things we buy....”
One leprechaun sighed…. and said…. “This is true
but I’m afraid my friend, we cant help you
You see middle earth since time began
has always lived in tune with man
But then man you changed, you became..........Less Gentle
began wars and killing and all things mental
Polluted rivers, cut down trees
brought mother nature too her knees
So we sought shelter, hid away
then you stopped believing…..One sad day
And for man, the saddest day of all
Was when you lost your faith in all things small
You didn’t just lose… Leprechauns…. Fairies and tiny elves
You stopped believing in yourselves
You chose fear, not love, became so selfish
Then lost your faith in all things elfish 
But you good sir, we cant deceive
You have shown the courage to believe
So grant us our freedom,  Pleas now set us free.
For this is now the way, things have to be”
And with tear in eye, for Shamus and Steve
I lifted Jars so they could leave
But they stayed and talked till night was over
Then handed me a four leaf clover
I knew my new found friends I would now miss
But before they left, granted me……. One wish!
Then like Shamus first had, I let out a sigh
I wished that……. 
Middle Earth would never die. X
Ged Thompson Liverpool Poet and Writer 12/01/13

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<Deleted User> (6315)

Sat 22nd Jun 2013 22:39

I remember when you read this at the Spoke Ged..still makes me smile :)

tony sheridan

Sat 26th Jan 2013 20:11

Unicorns, The little people, Fairies.....etc. Did they ever exist? Did we forget about them?.....Maybe they had to let us do are own thing. Nice one. Take care, Tony.

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 14th Jan 2013 16:08

Just catching up...good to see you blogging

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