Blue Lights, No Siren


Blue lights, No Siren
The ambulances whiz past to Alder Hey…..
All day and all night.
They pass.
Some without blue lights and sirens, I hope…..
Hope……They are just going to pick a little boy up
And, take him home
I hope he’s going to a nice home……
Where he lives with people that love and appreciate him.
For the gift he is.
Others race by, blue lights and sirens screaming….
Sometimes, the noise makes the hairs on the back of my neck.
Stand up!
I say a little prayer, not our lords prayer…..
Our Ged’s prayer if you like, I whisper…..
“I hope your going to be Ok”
Then there’s the ones with just the blue lights, and……
No Siren?
These ones scare me most of all.
I hope its only a blue light no siren, because, there’s…..
No rush, the child’s stable.
Just, wouldn’t like the noise.
But there’s a little part of me that, I hate…..
That wonders.
Just fears, and wonders.
Are the sirens off because there is no rush…..
Or because rushing will serve no purpose?
Was it too late?,  
Has another Angel just gone home to heaven?
Is there not a sick child in the back of……… That one?
Just broken hearts in the back of……….That one?
I whisper my prayer again.  
Ged Thompson/ Liverpool Poet 14/10/ 12


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Pete Slater

Sun 4th Aug 2013 16:18

Love this one Ged. I can relate to it. After my youngest son got burned he was transferred to a specialist burns unit at Booth Hall Children s Hospital, his Mum in the ambulance with him, with the lights flashing but no siren. They traveled so slowly, like slow motion. I followed on my Triumph Thunderbird. It was an eerie surreal journey. All that was in my head was the growl of the bike and all that was in my eyes was the flashing blue light. This piece has haunted me Ged. Would like to hear you read it mate. Captures the feeling. Thanks.

tony sheridan

Mon 18th Mar 2013 12:08

Love this. Well done! Take care, Tony.

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Harry O'Neill

Tue 29th Jan 2013 22:28

Nice thoughtful poem Ged.

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