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Deep.  Deep in thelemic thought, her

words spill sour, salted by a power

that cowers and spits, shoaling rocks

into desolate fetch, coveting a polyandry.


Exiled.  Exiled she lies, and lies. Coursed

and cobbled. Smooth blissful pebbles

that awake wrecked memories, and hopes

of calm oceans being neither here or there.   


Caught. Caught in a squall ‘twix...

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lovelove poemlove poetry


Unsure, Unopposed

lying in my arms

fleeting captivity

of bittersweet blossom

transient beauty as it falls

melting into the ground

and you’re gone


© Katypoetess 2013



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lovelove poemlove poetry




Maybe - it was just sex and poetry passing through your modus operandi.

I am no Rossetti, Dickenson or Plath. My heart hung in front of my heroines.

Emotions could rival, but words brew clumsy and fall cumbersome at their feet.

Ink spurts and spills from between my legs, puddling and muddying an

indiscression from the master’s muse. Brooding time in surburban solicit...

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lovelove poemlove poetry

The Best

If I had that chance, I would keep giving you The best. 

Love making - hot tea served so dutifully, as I gently

steam each dream to wake you. Morning Molton Brown bath

with warm Christy towel to wrap around fervid hips after

I wash and caress every complex that doesn’t need cleansing.


When meeting your neuroses, I would heed the grumbles

chuntering a nonsense, that...

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lovelove poemlove poetry


Moon beckons a beacon for the night demon’s path. Comfort strewn by creaks
of cooling corners in the bedroom.  Dutiful goodnight kisses obligate a renewed
commitment to freshly etched, stone set commandments of the marriage rite.


Left alone, he clicks familiar websites, browsing history carefully kept out of sight.
Easing tension transiently until eyes hit on a caress of a photo...

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erotic poemerotic poetrylovelove poemlove poetry

Benefit of the Doubt

The boy’s blue eyes shone

Tried so hard to be good

Tall frame was troubled

So easily misunderstood


But something happened

A long time ago

That split his heart

And darkened his soul


He had to feel needed

Wanted and secure

To cover the emptiness

And risk of wanting more


He worked and toiled

To fill the vacuum inside

He crea...

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lovelove poemlove poetry

Owl Ghost

Curtains drawn
One sunny morn
A white shadow
On patio door


Since that night
No cry heard
Death knoll subdued
Prey is disturbed


Prophecy or protection
Wisdom or inflection
Your powder down
I cannot clean


A haunting call through the valleys of resentment


Forgive – forgive - forgive

© Katypoetess 2013


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lovelove poemlove poetry


Flatlined. Red admiral turned cabbage white.

Our bed, once pale open casket creaks a chrysalis,

a steadfast metamorphosis of our gothic love story.

Set apart by vengeful spouses, hindwings skinned.

Living in separate houses, just over ten miles apart.


Beyond the ending in damask suburban banality

the vampire’s parable of a lover’s return fleets transient


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lovelove poemlove poetry


I sweat, I shriek, I write

Worried faces can only wait

I tear, I bleed severely

begging for epidural of hate


I can’t get you out of me

But I must or I will die

My back arches upwards

My legs spread open wide


Final push, truth and lies collide

I exorcise what you decimate

Sodden, panting, I look down

to see what you did create


I g...

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love poemlove poetry

Love's Circumference





















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love poemlove poetry

The Oak Tree III



Sanctuary turned cemetery

On late November afternoon

Your kindred spirit rises as I pace forwards

I giggle as you grumble

About mud on your boots

No tea to takeaway from the café today

I avert all others eyes

Was it through here,

Or a little further perhaps?


The birds scatter in welcome as I arrive

Without our blanket to break my fall


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love poemlove poetry


He’s crazy

She’s crazy

It would never have worked

How could you?

He’s possessive

She’s obsessive

You would never have been happy

How could you?

Look how he treated you

Look how she behaved

You were never right for each other

How could you?

              Tighter, tie me tighter and take me
              you naughty girl, cum on me - now


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lovelove poemlove poetry

The last night remembered and spent

Tugging the stockings out the drawer

Clasp up clips, leave suit on the floor

Zip up my boots, apply more mascara

Anticipate nervously the oncoming drama


Start the engine on cold autumn night

You wanted me there, and I cannot fight

Tired, unsure, aware of the time

Knowing your impatience, I blur the white line


Bright lights feed confidence, feeling unf...

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lovelove poemlove poetry

Banished from Eden



The torch has turned, flame extinguished.

Roses and lilies, once love’s bouquet,

now wilted wreath. I wear the silver locket

tarnished to jet in anger. I rage, snip and shave

the hair you nestled in, that you forbade me to trim

Against all fashionable whim.  I relish the pain

knowing fresh ink on skin will repel you.


Cuckolded by your wife, I curl c...

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lovelove poemlove poetry


Clearing drawers

On that side of the bed

And putting things back again


The bathroom isn’t done



The garage isn’t cleared

I hope his car fits in


Big lack of wardrobe space



He has got so many clothes

Where would they go?


It’s his wedding anniversary next month

So what kind of new madness is this?



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lovelove poemlove poetry

Without having sought you


Without having sought you,

love turned into skin and dwelt among us,

you and I,

just one world


I see you with my soul,

you give me warmth, your hands assure me,

your words come to me

and gifted me with a new life


Nothing was spared!


I know that you love me and from so much love,

we’ll continue to live for our love,

because our ...

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love poem

When the yearning comes...


When the yearning comes, full of fantasies,

I look under my sheets for you

in the chiaroscuro in the morning


A red rose burns in my belly

my five senses feel the scourge of a feverish passion

you bloom in my thoughts


Addicted to you, I encourage myself to believe

that you also desire me

and the storm rolls over my skin,

soaking me from my so...

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love poem


“I love this bed” you sigh. Half clambering, half enticing.

Socks fly chaotically towards carefully folded suit trousers

on the stair banister outside our door. Seductively deluded

domestic comfort. We mock the coupling joggers sweating and panting.

Beating the towpath in desperate lust for a BMI of whatever. We know

a much better way to keep the pounds off by keeping poundi...

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erotic poemerotic poetrylovelove poemlove poetry

The Cottage II

Where are we now

Back to square one

Thrown to the beginning

Or have we moved on?


As the season changes

The cycle does reap

An autumnal harvest

That tastes just as sweet


There’s no place like home

Unearthed and unearthly

insecurity and fear still roam

Driven, dark and dirty


Trying to live the dream

Fucking, fighting and broken


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Irelandlovelove poemlove poetry

A little bohemia in Warwick



“Remember these times.” Urging me earnestly

whilst you nuzzle my hair down there.  I dizzy and delight

at your glasses still on. A wicked glint behind

magnified - tantalizes. I draw breathe, thighs tense.

I protest “No, no, you can’t do that it’s the wrong time of….”


You can. You will. You do. Body squirming, eyes wide,

I clutch the duvet, horrified. Yo...

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erotic poemerotic poetrylovelove poemlove poetry

The Oak Tree at Hatton Locks


Looking up while you were fucking me, I tried to grab a falling leaf.

But I missed; I couldn’t quite reach the wish that fluttered in the breeze.

Branches gather, cross and weave our worn anxious self-discoveries

swaying unable to still uncertainty. We circumscribe this Eden as reality.


When I promised forever did you feel time stop?


A treetop to trick and ...

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Hatton Lockslovelove poemlove poetry

Extra Hot, Extra Wet, Extra Shot


Early impatience to your inevitable lateness

Love's fresh aroma makes my heart beat

Awaiting half Irish steampunk entrance

Mixed black and bitter - dusted vanilla sweet


Crowd well scanned for anyone we know

Cappuccino obediently essenced to your liking

Before sitting with me in comfort, and on show

We box witty as hares – tease, half chastising



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lovelove poemlove poetry

Anthony and Katypatra



I arrive. Quickly turning bedroom from Rome into Alexandria.

Skin up, pop a cork to dilute our blood with Bollinger.

Determined to mix up a confidence to conquer,

goddess summoning up a strip tease of your morality.


“The triple pillar of the world transformed into a strumpet's fool.”*


Coiling concubine - arabesque around your thighs to

nourish exo...

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erotic poemerotic poetrylovelove poemlove poetry


For two days and two nights we architect a megalomania

in defiance.  Disguised in stray abandon amongst oblivious streets.

Scavenging on Oxford Street you buy skinny black jeans and converse.

Just like mine. We shamelessly crawl sex shops for new toys

and sully Soho square’s benches with marijuana smoke. 

You recite poetry loudly, off the cuff of your duffle coat,

none o...

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erotic poemerotic poetrylovelove poemlove poetry


She has no beauty in face or form

Weighting the lightest heart

She deafens our spirits with silence

Filling the emptiness when we’re apart


She breaks the distant grey waves

Swelling pregnant with our loss

She destroys well intended footsteps

Muddying our paths that cross


She banishes happiness out of sight

Turning the natural to feel so wrong


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lovelove poemlove poetry

Should I tell her?

No regrets

I swear to you

not one.




a question in a text

a reply that fired a gun


fate’s bullet aimed straight

shattered my heart

another’s life saved.


If I had said yes

instead of no

would I still be alone now -

who knows?


Martyrdom – with a reward to come?

Or stupidity – my life coming undone?



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lovelove poemlove poetry

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