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Benefit of the Doubt

The boy’s blue eyes shone

Tried so hard to be good

Tall frame was troubled

So easily misunderstood


But something happened

A long time ago

That split his heart

And darkened his soul


He had to feel needed

Wanted and secure

To cover the emptiness

And risk of wanting more


He worked and toiled

To fill the vacuum inside

He created and invented

Himself so many times


A husband, a father

A role model sublime

To stop himself writing

Outside the lines


He then met a maiden

That was feisty not fair

With dark soulful eyes

And wild titian hair


She took his body

Freed his primal desires

He’d hidden with passion

Amongst duty and lies


She reflected his darkness

Showed him the light

Beyond the personas

He’d created to fight


The demons within him

She coerced and they grew

He cowed in conflict

And neither of them knew


He needed to retreat

He needed a home

marital love and comfort

Not what now had grown


Out of a impetuous love

That no boundaries could hold

They writhed in agony

Until his heart blew cold


She gave him no map

As she was lost in her cave

So he broke her heart

And refused to stay


He fought like a coward

And played the martyr

To mask the devil

That dwelled hidden thereafter


He found the boy

and his blue eyes shone

but something was missing

now the maiden was gone


A husband, a father

A role model sublime

To stop himself writing

Outside the lines


© Katypoetess 2013





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Nigel Astell

Mon 19th Aug 2013 15:18

Inside the lines
the boy smiles
what is missing
is your love.

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Andy N

Sun 18th Aug 2013 17:26

the last stanza is a killer, katy here but an top piece all round i think

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