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He’s crazy

She’s crazy

It would never have worked

How could you?

He’s possessive

She’s obsessive

You would never have been happy

How could you?

Look how he treated you

Look how she behaved

You were never right for each other

How could you?

              Tighter, tie me tighter and take me
              you naughty girl, cum on me - now

              I love you Anthony
              I love you Katy

             You are so fucking good
             It’s just you and me against the world

            I love you Anthony
            I love you Katy

           You’re my kitten, my mateymoo
           You’re my katymonster, my beautiful girl

            I love you Anthony
            I love you Katy

            I wish everyone would fucking leave us alone
           I don’t know which ways up

           I love you Anthony
          I love you Katy


Look what you have done to our family

Look what a mess you have made of everything


He’s sick in the head, doing that to you

What could she have ever given you?

You must never let him near you again

You must never see or contact her again


            I didn’t really deserve her love

           He wouldn’t have let me be me, only us



© Katypoetess 2013


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Nigel Astell

Wed 8th May 2013 14:43

The outside World
full of voices
mind and body
wants back that
dirty fucking kitten
now that you
are all alone.

<Deleted User> (11056)

Sun 5th May 2013 17:53

I like it, Nicely constructed!

<Deleted User> (6895)

Sat 4th May 2013 23:16

do you ever get out of bed Katy?
(we jest)

we loved the whole poem,especially the way
that you tied it up(ahem)in the last two lines.


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