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Your need


Do not swim downstream!

Don’t go against the current!

Lead where is your need!


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

The 19th of December, 2012

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Turn Around


While you face the past
Your ass faces the future.
Turn around quickly!


©Larisa Rzhepishevska

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The deadliest artefact in history

Sword, rifle, arrow?

Knife, bomb, rocket? Canon? No.

It's the cigarette.

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A Small Bud

A small bud, withered

But just a few drops of rain

Beautiful flower.



I was inspired to write

this haiku after reading

Nigel Astell's poem/comment

on my poem "Despair".

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Haiku about a Stolen Poem

A stolen poem

Took credit for my effort

Poem was removed

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Chatting With Ari

Pity is the depth

we feel when bad things happen

to other good folk


Fear we deeply feel

knowing bad things can happen

to good folk like us


Sympathy is the

bonding of pity and fear –

There – but for gods’ grace –


Catharsis is a

beneficial expulsion

from mind … or bowel.


“Have I got it right, mate?”


Cynthia Buell T...

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Bankers With A Capital 'W'


Huge bonuses go

to those who screw it all up

causing vast bail-outs.


They say we must pay

to keep the top people in.

Making top losses!

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