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Met you when I never expected to, you who's just like me. Not a handful, a real lady who I've the honour of knowing. Why fate brought us together, I don't know. What matters is that we met and became friends and more. We have something that is ours, no one can take that away from us. I do love you and now I miss you, though certain people don't approve. Like they don't of my writing o...

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Luimneach 23/12/11

It is clear that when push comes to shove,

The solution to strife's not above:

It's right here on Earth,

With each precious child's birth;

That the only way forward's with

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He Didn't Care













On the day of her death

he didn't cry.

Everyone said

"He doesn't care!"


On the day they laid

her to rest

he didn't cry.

Everyone said

"He never loved her!"


On the one month anniversary

of her death he was found

lying next to her grave.

An empty bottle of poison


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An Ingres Back

She has an Ingres back

She is a violin

And when she’s in his arms

She sweetly plays for him


She doesn’t know the words

He doesn’t know the tune

There’s a duet of sorts

In that sweet dark bedroom


His fingerwork is good

Her mouth is soft and warm

While she is in his arms

They will not come to harm


Her voice is like a lute

And y...

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Feel like a fugitive in my own life, kind of use to it and enjoy it. Filling the gap where your life and love should be. Do you know how fucking alone I am now? That doesn't matter. My views go to ink, captured in my poems. What will you think when you read it?

I know you exist, somewhere. If you didn't, I'd be totally alone.

Like now.

What if you d...

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in sleep



The rain snaps

on the window pane

like sticks.



a young man’s sleep -

he’s gone

head back

neck curved

a swan.


Breathe even

breathe deep

dream on

dream sweet.

I don’t sleep


lie thinking

I’ll not pass

this way

again as

dawn breaks

with rain.


Next night


I fe...

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I SAW HER WALK IN - Country Love

I was feeling so low...didn't know which way to go

When I saw her walk in through the door

She looked straight at me like I was all she could see

And I floated clear up from the floor


Her gaze held my eyes like the stars in the skies

I've never felt anything so strong

The other guys stared and I was feeling so scared

Could it be I was reading things wrong?


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The best I never had

In a world of tv clichés

I thought our series would be timeless,

that it would survive the seasons.


I laugh as I remember

How I Met Your Mother.

Confused on an interstate car park,

cellphones and calamity.

Only to feel underwhelmed.


You said “it's not just the jetlag”,

I said “how can anyone fall in love with a zombie?”

eating hearts fo...

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Finding the Beauty in Christmas

Mistletoe by candlelight,

love lined Christmas markets,

shopping centres full of happy couples.


Let them have what I do not,

it is theirs.


But what is mine?


My Christmas must come early

if I am to maintain the mirage of the miracle.


I'll line the markets with an illuminating

indigo light

and bathe in the dreams

that will...

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in arms not meant


Smile sits, content

a dove upon a nest

settles down

for morning snooze

in arms, not meant.


In arms not meant

smile stretches

like a cat

in warmth

and harmony



Smile knows

no matter

that it is not meant

for pleasure grows

and echoes

in another smile

another smile



With warmth of ...

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loveWOL comp


Lucky it's me -

So glad it's you,

Enchantment in all of the things that we do,

My feelings are many, my words but a few,

Remember - I love you today.


Sometimes it's right -

Sometimes it's wrong,

Sometimes our tune is a now and then song,

But we know our refrain and we know when it's wrong,

Remember - I love you today.


Maybe we could -


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