I SAW HER WALK IN - Country Love

I was feeling so low...didn't know which way to go

When I saw her walk in through the door

She looked straight at me like I was all she could see

And I floated clear up from the floor


Her gaze held my eyes like the stars in the skies

I've never felt anything so strong

The other guys stared and I was feeling so scared

Could it be I was reading things wrong?


It wasn't that far from the door to the bar

But it seemed like a mile to me

Then she stood at my side just like some sweet bride

As the band started earning their fee


She ordered a drink while I tried hard to think

Of something real smart I could say

Then her beer appeared as the audience cheered

And I prayed hard she wouldn't walk away


Then she moved in real close there right under my nose

And said "Haven't we met before?"

I stuttered...went red...couldn't believe that I said

"If we had, I'd remember for sure."


Her blush was a thrill that remains with me still

As she said with a shy kind of smile

"I hope you don't mind but I think that I'd kind

of enjoy being here for a while"


Now we two are wed and life's forging ahead

But we still go along to that bar

Where joy first began for shy girl and shy man

Used to looking at love from afar



DAMBUSTER - dedicated to Sqdn Ldr G.L.Johnson DFC ►


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John Coopey

Thu 15th Dec 2011 21:42

You Old Tryer!
Dead neat MC, again. I reckon the language is simple enough (I mean that as a compliment) that it would make a cracking song. (But, then again, you knew that!)

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