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Negotiated Leave






Be numb to me
get off your knee
cease from demeaning
my esteem for you
with your lucid hate

the hourglass leaks

coloured sand pours
rainbow streaked tears
where the rains bleached
this sunburnt heart
with the acid of your disdain

these wearied hands

no longer reach for yours
your reflection is marred
and the mirror put awa...

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Cry Petey, I See Bards Rounding the Bend


Cry we all toward places unnamed

Rise above the crested hills

Yell we will - shattering door frames

Plundering thoughts of plovered wills

Tear at the wallpaper - reveal the grain

Ink the slate - etched by wound-dipped quills

Crouch, prowl - ready to pounce on game

Brandishing swords, blaring trumpets shrill

Arching backs, phosphorescent wicks ...

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Bemused Rumination




the balm of barometric exuberance.
This night
no longer young, dissipates.

the dewy welcome of sun-quaffed green.
revive severed umbilical dreams.

the present with fleeting acumen.
ceases yet emerges again tomorrow.

the kindling of autumnal reticence.
genial kindnesses shall spring.


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There was a lump in his throat
that could have bridged a moat,
his fixed eyes were brimming,
while the stranger was grinning.
His young mind was wracked 
by those that came and attacked
just because he was new in town,
had his accent make them frown?
As he struggled up from the ground,
still swamped by their sneering sound,
from the taun...

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Falls And Flights


From the sky to the land,

It’s so painful!

First thought:


It’s the last flight!

But then again

we look at the sky

and wish to fly.

This is our human nature.

We forget about danger

and again look for adventure.

We are strange, strong and weak,

something more we seek.

As only the wounds heal

 we again feel to fly

up to the ...

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Words Written While Listening to "Moonlight Sonata"

As if the gods were striking the strings
The air the piano plays
And I listening am transported
Back to former slower days
When the world was better and people purer
For all the faults we know they had
And I look at the world and its woes
And its greed and I am sad.

It is strange...

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Wishing Well


Take my mind to freedom town,
grant me that last bliss,
far away from all past downs,
surely I've now earned this.

Once I was the partner, 
now I'm just the dad,
one time I was the carer, 
please let me lose the sad.

Sure I'll find a bump or two,
roads to heaven aren't always true
I only ask a fair passage there,
with the one for...

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Life is not just a pleasant walk,

life is not always an interesting novel.

There are moments that shock,

they are impossible to foretell.


Half of our life is a fight.

Another half is a pain.

Only a few moments are bright.

And they are the main.


While those moments are burning in you,

While those moments make your heart beat,

Take care of...

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It seems you forgot, our life is short.

There is no time to beg or extort for support.

Learn how to live yourself.

Take a book from the shelf and…

delicately leafing page after page

you will find a wood sage.

People are like books,

some of them are good,

some of them are bad,

some of them are just mad,

some of them are not sassy,

they look more ...

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Two classmates were chatting.

Accidentally they've met in the street,indeed,

they were not so old and not so young,

much more than forty.

The first one said:"I feel so young

and want to be sometimes so naughty,

I want to love again and certainly be loved,.

I want the romances to sing,

I want to fly so high in a swing,

I want to dance under the rain,

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Our life looks like a zibra

Our life looks like a zebra,

sometimes black stripes,

sometimes white.

The black stripes

take turn of the white,

like day and night.

And sometimes

our life zebra kicks

making it's own tricks.

Larisa R (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Tripod Tilly


Aching bones, loud groans,
joints that creak in tune with moans,
empty purse but much to say,
pensioned off before her day.

Now her tripod bag she wheels,
nowt to do but bear the squeals,
oil is summat she'll never seek,
her hearing aids gone up the creek.

Arthritis struck at thirty six,
another of lifes dirty tricks,
born with ears ...

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Life roads

We all have different life roads,

we all think which one to choose,

some choose their road and crawl it,

they have no wish to fly.thinking it's a wit.

It's hard for them to learn the truth of life,

such people go with the tide

and fear like a hare living in a form with fright;

their feelings and soul are hidden,

they are always afraid to be bitten;


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To live on the real life rails


We often look for the one to be ideal,

but when we meet the one who is real

we give foolish criteria

and it looks as a mystery.

Expecting the one from the fairy tales

we very often get only fails.

We want to get everything at once,

to get our chance.

As a result we burn the time,

loose the last dime.

May be it’s more important just to live,


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Falls and flights

From the sky to the land –

It’s so painful!

First thought: Enough!

It’s the last flight.

But…then again look at the sky.

This is our human nature:

to be strange, strong and weak.

As only the wounds heal

we forget about danger

and again spread our wings.

We again long for the sky

surprising God with our wishes.

We believe on...

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It could be so nice


It could be so nice to learn how to fly.

Though it’s a difficult task, but…

Let’s have a try!

It seems an easier task to learn to see a smile

among thousand of angry faces,

but… we are not on the races.

Let’s have a try!

It could be so nice to learn how to dream

and in the dreams to fly in the future,

it could be such an adventure

with knowledge to ...

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Our life

Our life is not always easy

Sometimes it rains hard

But with every coming year

You become wiser and smart.

You value your past,

You take care of present.

The time goes fast

Some things you still haven't.

With the coming years

You start to compare

And it finally appears

Not everything was fair.

When you were younger


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death is not the end

How easily is the mind deceived by the smallest most imperceptible movement of thought that cannot be shifted by the mightiest of evidence that is proof
a trap so perfect even the staistically motivated minds of quantitative  eggheads will not budge for fear their world would be turned
upside down or perhaps the right way up
scream, scream, scream 'til you are blue in the face but they wi...

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deathlifelife after deathblind faith

growing Up well

My life is not an open book
for just anyone to read
yet my life has no secrets
that cannot be revealed.

some people revel in revelation
Some like to gossip a lot
some like to know secrets
Thinking it puts them on top.

Truth is the more you know
the less able you are to discern
So busy gathering secrets
you forget to learn

that Life is its own revelation
We sho...

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loverevelationlogicmy lifelifesecrecysecrets



tweet tweet not twitter


dance of death 


ashes to ashes

the fire flames


I rise I rise.

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lifereal life

This Life will Pass Swiftly


No time's ever right for a closed fist fight
No doll drums the beat that can be truly neat
Know this as you wander out toward that blue yonder
All around us are brothers & some sisters & mothers 
Life is a challenge that's best faced together
Lean on each other through desperate weather
Don't wait for some tragic event to awake
Reach out now to give a lit...

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