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death is not the end

How easily is the mind deceived by the smallest most imperceptible movement of thought that cannot be shifted by the mightiest of evidence that is proof
a trap so perfect even the staistically motivated minds of quantitative  eggheads will not budge for fear their world would be turned
upside down or perhaps the right way up
scream, scream, scream 'til you are blue in the face but they will not budge
as much afraid to let go of cherished beliefs as the staunchest of the faithful who take words at face value and believe with all their vacant, vacuous, vain faith
in stupidities, idolatries, empty worthless catechisms of faith in nothing that can exist
how stupid and idiotic is the blindsight of faith without reason without proof without evidence
And yet we know there is no death
there is no death that is not thine
the light that is beyond has been seen
and, as we pass through the rented veil of life that is the greatest illusion, the truth will be known for all to know
the simple truth that is simply
death is not the end.

deathlifelife after deathblind faith

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 19th Aug 2010 11:14

You have so much to say that deserves to be heard, but, here, IMO, you get a bit wishy-washy by over-emphasis. A person constantly 'bonged on the bean' soon adapts and ceases to notice. I think it is like that with words too: a few, well-chosen and well-placed, have more effect than a barrage which becomes 'white word noise'. And, to be honest, I would shape this more for easier, punchier reading; it almost slips into treatise.

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