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It could be so nice

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It could be so nice to learn how to fly.

Though it’s a difficult task, but…

Let’s have a try!

It seems an easier task to learn to see a smile

among thousand of angry faces,

but… we are not on the races.

Let’s have a try!

It could be so nice to learn how to dream

and in the dreams to fly in the future,

it could be such an adventure

with knowledge to capture.

It could be so nice to learn how to believe

in love, in joy, in good and kind poems,

in awesome meetings that are random.

It could be so nice to see,

but better to understand

yourself and others,

your fathers and mothers.

It could be so nice to learn how to live,

to admire the stars in the sky,

to watch the seagulls fly,

to catch and value the moment

with the short name – LIFE.


Larisa R (Odessa, Ukraine)


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Thu 10th Jun 2010 15:06

Hello Larisa, Thank you for commenting on my poem; My Wife and Child. You really put me in a fantastic frame of mind today. To know that you have touched someone in a good way is what life should be all about.

I have read this poem that you have written a couple of times now. I have to say, that i have been on this site for several years, and i don't make as many comments as i used to. I kind of sift through and if any catch mine eye i engage. Yours has engaged me. It's nice to see and feel the fresh breeze that runs through your soul as you read these words. I particularly liked the references to the future, futures that at present we dont seem to be able to see. You can follow empirical knowledge to its conclusion though, and claim hindsight. I however, do feel and believe in phenomenology. And my guess is, that some (not many), can see into their future. My guess is, that you are a sensitive and slightly psychic person. From reading these words that is how i feel.

I am rambling on a bit, but, that's because this poem is in itself, and inspiration. I will read more of your work.

Thank you for sharing this.

stay well



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