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Reframing "Adam and Eve"

So much is lost

in our English translations.

The hurt feelings and damaged souls of our generation,

Cloud our eyes to the poetics of our founding story.


For “Adam” was made from “Adamah”

That being, “Humanity” was made from “The dirt”.


The relationship between

Man and Woman,

For “Isha” was named before “Ish”

That being,

While man may have indeed came first,


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christian poetrygender roles

All is not lost

Do not be fooled

Do not turn away

You have been given a sign that cannot be denied

Out of grace, you have not been abandoned.


God is still good

God is still the loving Father


The ones who end in hell

Choose that for themselves

by being stubborn

by being deceitful

by being arrogant

by being spiteful


The age of the Gentiles is not over with the rapt...

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christian poetrytribulation

Next of Kin

A kinship with the creator God?

what nonsense is this?

He who speaks and the stars form, wants me?

Who are you to tell me such things?


Who are you to say what I am?

Is my actions not proof enough of my worth?

Be rid of me, let me be.

For who am I to offer anything?


And who am I, the one who desires nothing?

and yet all the pleasures to be had in the meantime?


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christian poetry

Bark and Bare

a lone tree, hollowed and rotted through.

the wind blows, the senses dulled.

the fires have long since passed,

the truth revealed in the glimpses past all the dead branches.


The promise of Spring can’t come soon enough.

my branches long for the warmth,

clothed in leaves and bearing fruit of plenty.

The day will come, there is no doubt of that,

but when?


But as ...

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christian poetrysubstance abuse

Another one

Father. King of the heavens.

I am so enamored by your ways.

You are like the greatest gemstone,

Whose infinite faces reflect on all you create.

In the face of such complexity,

so tiresome to stand here in awe.


My soul yearns for you.

Yet my heart is so weary, my flesh desires rest.

to immerse myself in your words seems so cumbersome,

and my addictions weigh on me so...

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christian poetry

A psalm of my own

O, God, my God

So close to my heart

Yet so far away.

I have been blessed

Aware of the story you are.


All around us

Connecting the shadows

Into their vast array.


O, God, my Jesus

How faithful and beloved

How I long for the

Day and the hour.

I pray you guide me here.

My shepherd. I am lost.

I do not feel safe in my own

Flesh. Sacrificed, ...

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christian poetry

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