The Day In the Sun

I remember the day I met Christ.
It was in death, and not only I,
For I mourned the death of us,
How our love turned tragedy,
And I crumbled at the thought
That we had wasted our youth.
Tears came. I buried my face 
In my hands for their shelter.
But, letting up for a moment, 
I looked at the tears on my hands
And saw an old scar on my wrist,
And it was then I saw the nail-wounds.

I stood with my face to the sun,
And I told him I loved him...

christian poetry

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<Deleted User> (13516)

Sun 29th Mar 2015 03:27

I always like your poems with a Christian theme, well I like all your poems really, but I like how you're not afraid to say what you believe in, something that's not all that popular with lots of people these days. That this was a very real experience for you shines through and makes it all the more moving.

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