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From up on the poppy hill

Up on poppy hill they say, where no animal makes a sound.
No children wander off to play, just poppies all around.

If I recall between you and I, In that bright red field of flowers.
Like a crimson wave, a scarlet sea, hides stories full of powers.

For it was up on poppy hill, you know, in the red fields there yonder.
Where you might see the lonely widow, as she often starts to wander.


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Fields of Poppies

Let's hold each other's hands,

And in silence, stand

Where the fields of poppies grow,

Let us remember them

Our brave young men

Buried just below.


For those who cried

As they laid down and died,

So very far from home,

With just white clouds,

Deaths gossamer shrouds

Covering their tortured bones.


Let's think a little more,

Is liberty worth dying for?


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