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Fred Nicholson

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I grew up in the in the housing projects on the Lower East Side in New York City. My mother's heritage is Austrian-Polish Jewish, I am told. My father's heritage is Afro*-American, Choctaw and Cherokee, he says. I served in Vietnam during the conflict. I traveled in Asia and Europe for a few years. Various venues of creative expression have attracted my attention. Currently, word expression holds my attention captive. I just started writing one day and continue to do so. My shorter works are 'fredisms'. The longer ones, 'stories'. *The only American with an entire continent in front of their American heritage.

Fredisms & Stories (Only fredisms posted here.)

The time is near my old friend said as the train approached the station. *** Been there. Done That. Listening to NPR ‘the Moth’ stories on Veteran’s Day afternoon. Lying here crying. Thinking how odd it is when words so far away can strike so close to home so many years later. *** Who breaks the law? illegals Who makes the law? Legals came here, killed the native buffalo food chained a people’s body and mind dropped atomic bombs on 2 large cities and we still make the law. *** Mother’s work is WOW! To observe it, one thing. To experience it, I’ll never know. Man *** Buddha Babies Buddha babies are every where. Be the leaf that drops. Be the feeling that rises. Be the heart that loves. ***

2 Stories posted here.

be Love . . . but we want more, always more financial gain happiness peace and fame. Some say we can get and give Love but cannot be it. Some say pray to Him only He reigns Some say be free let go the reins Few say be hear now I am the rains sea sky earth other mother sister father brother all that is was and will be. That includes you and me. . . . but we want more, always more Look in the mirror. What do you see? Love is the answer Love is the key. *** In my backyard In my back yard we round them up and send them back across the border In the news they bulldoze houses because the earth has value, not the homes of others In my back yard fathers and sons are killed and dragged and lynched and jailed just because In the news olive orchards thrive, for hundreds of years, are then destroyed in a day In my back yard synagogues are torched and swastikas are splashed across the landscape in the news they cut down the Rain Forest to increase their payday, which decreases our oxygen In my back yard families live in the street as best they can, while the few live in mansions In this world, where is the humanity? Since we humans landed, it’s been us versus an enemy. f

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Don Matthews

Mon 19th Aug 2019 08:43

Be they fredisms or stories your short-line short-stanza style is most appealing. To me....

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Mon 12th Aug 2019 04:04

Welcome to WOL💐

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