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David F. Freeman

Updated: Tue, 21 Feb 2023 09:59 pm

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Please visit my website to see all of my poems at: I was born in April, 1925 in Raleigh, NC, the youngest of five boys. We lived an a farm within walking distance of the city and I went to city schools. My father was a farmer and minister, taught religion at Meredith College. I served in France in the U.S. Army in WWII but was never in combat. After the war I returned for further education. I am a retired adult and child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. I lived and practiced with my wife, a clinical social worker, in Chapel Hill, NC. My family and I camped around the country and built an A-frame cottage on a nearby lake. My wife and I went the length of the Grand Canyon three times in rafts or dories. Music and nature have been important to me since childhood. My poems were written for myself, not for publication. I wrote the first poems in my 50s after our daughter, Priscilla, died suddenly of meningococcemia. I didn't write any more until my late 80s. We moved to a retirement community in 2007, after my wife, Connie, was diagnosed with dementia. She died in April, 2019, age 96.

Poem: After the Storm

Dark clouds move to the east. Lightning sparks ever more dimly as if trying to recall its brilliance at the height of the storm. Distant thunder echoes over fields, so tardy that it loses touch with the flash. The faint tang of ozone lingers on, mingled with the smell of wet leaves. Misty rain still filters down and wets an upturned face with melted prisms. Bright sun shines low in the west as a breeze foretells changing weather. Beneath the clouds a rainbow glows, nature's serene jewel balanced by the sun like an opal mounted with a diamond, but more precious for its transience. It fades so soon with evening as we too will fade in the end. Written about 1980

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David F. Freeman

Sat 13th Jun 2020 19:15

Thanks for your comments. I'm glad to be part of WOL, to share some poems i like.

I also send a poem a week, some fairly good, some not so hot, to a group of people who asked for them. I just send them as the computer arranged them by alphabet. If anyone wants to be on that list, email ><. They usually aren't great poems, but people say they like them.

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Sat 13th Jun 2020 13:48

Hi David, I've been thoroughly enjoying reading all your work - I'm so pleased you've joined WoL. I've followed your Google Drive archive and see I have a well catalogued treasure trove to start working my way though! This will keep me going for quite a while... Thanks for sharing and all the best. Tom.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 13th Jun 2020 11:24

I thought the final lines might have been ironic, but not completely sure, because I don't know you. I am so glad that you have joined WOL. Your 'Grand Canyon' exploits are impressive. As was your wife, Connie.

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