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Miranda Fegan

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Published poet and illustrator Passionate Learning to understand more of myself and more of others. A firm believer in communication, no matter what. The stream of consciousness of the neurotic mind. A collection of passing feelings and organized thoughts. Things I could not say, and things I could scream from tree tops. My heart on my sleeve, my soul flying free. Feet on the ground and head in the clouds. I love you.


I Miss You Am I allowed to express this? I’m never quite sure during these times When you need you This energy builds up inside me Wanting to screech out  How beautiful you are to me How you inspire me to keep going How every time I get the privilege of hearing your voice my soul flutters to your cadance? You have healing powers beyond your knowledge Is it ok, will you get mad If I told you that I miss you? The way you smile and laugh Your way with words Your way with me Is it ok, would you be upset? Those late night calls Those hugs so warm with care That last kiss Please don’t be mad If I told you that I love you. I miss you.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 24th Nov 2017 20:50

Welcome to WOL, Miranda. Interesting bio. I think the stream of consciousness of all minds is fascinating, neurotic or not. I'll try to check out some more of your works. Time is always at a premium.

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