escalera ii (11/22/2020)

a compartment opens like a battery pack 
phials of vitriol, brand names
changing out weekly like gods
stale breath rolling forwards 
bare syllables 
and newsprint tattoos 
stamped sideways on sclera. 

and we fuck
twisting by the white of our eyes 
desperate to void each others' gaze :
Thresher be praised 
it works .

another day gone and forgotten 
triumphant brass blaring 
Nere to Shame's capitulations 
living on a spire some isle
so high and so thin 
but set to feast upon
the conditional live of a sun

grateful for the burnt toast 
and cooling gin 
As the spit turned self roasts
and new skin grows again 

unrecognizable .

danger here i comeI cant forget youi cant kill me

brindle II (02/11/2021) ►


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