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Zach Dafoe

Updated: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 10:57 am

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Full time psuedo-intellectual, part time shovel knight, long-time blue collar chafe, out-of-time writer still alive ;


'Living Blind' I talked to Styx, and she asked me what I'd like to see. I told her it was about time she brought the other side to me. Rowing on oars, bleeding opulence, sliding up to the shores of my own worst enemy. I'd visit. We'd visit, I mean in all my years blind, I never thought I'd feel my way to this level of inanimacy. Limbs, like roots, buried deep into your core. Grains of you penetrating, all-encompassing. until my consciousness is saturated; a panorama of your worst smile. I'm afraid of the day when we touch hearts. When we get so close we'll bump, incidentally and with great serendipity. I'm afraid it'll get personal, and you'll know me as the malleable, cold, Tin Heart of reluctance. Tin Heart, Hatchet Heart; then I would remember the last shape of you on my fists, and you would remember my apologies. Broken nose Jiang. A spider, a cruelty, a pile of beautiful pop culture syndrome. A symphony of cacophony. An operations director in postwar anticlimax, built from the ground up for antiheroes, just like me. I'll die in your web. Like all the welps I'll die right here. But I'll drink your poison-- there's no way these hands would let me accept your grace and service. Live like ink, die like ink.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

Audio entries by Zach Dafoe

rant 2 (01/23/2019) rework (23/01/2019)

Late Night Acousma (03/04/2015)

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Big Sal

Tue 18th Dec 2018 14:18

Part-time shovel knight?? Ha, that made me laugh.

What about good ol' Propeller Knight?

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Stu Buck

Mon 26th Oct 2015 08:11

weirdly enough i was reading 'the great event' in the book of longing yesterday. it contains one of my favourite lines in any poem (even though its a lyric i suppose).

'What a sigh of relief, as the senile robins become bright red again,'

just great!

(i assume you meant the cohen poem and not the beatles reference but either is acceptable!)

as for talented, its subjective!

have a great all hallows. im dressing my daughter up as a witch (we have a black kitten now) and sending her out for sweets while i watch the exorcist.

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Stu Buck

Fri 2nd Oct 2015 20:36

i dont have a microphone. but im told there will be a video of me performing coming to a youtube near you very soon. my computer is from the early nineties. i doubt it would even support a microphone. but dont let my technophobia stop you!

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Stu Buck

Tue 29th Sep 2015 18:00

i really think it would benefit from live treatment. the first lines are perfect for a stutter, hiphophian delivery (i'll come to that in a minute!).

My home smells like sour and sweat,
post-partum regret
a quarter century flipped
for the malmanager's bet.

As insulting as this is, imagine eminem rapping this. it would work!?!?!?

hiphophian. meaning (imo) it has a 'flow' like the best hip hop. in that it stumbles nicely off the tongue. i have performed scott peterson to myself in the mirror to see how it sounded and it worked really well.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 21st Sep 2015 15:45

Ha John - thanks but I'm not stalking your scribblings - you crack me up! I have too many of my own to stalk, fragment and disorder. Such lovely narcissism deserves a stalker tho. Find one and pay them if needs be - preferably young and willing.

But take no notice of me. I've been out in my doughnut shirt for the first time today and I'm feeling very wicked indeed. Snip snips are good. Cut 'n' splice too. But don't get too lucid and accessible - you'll be selling your soul.

Keep on being a wreckless Bastard and Yay! for the menopause but no idea why.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 10th Sep 2015 10:28

Well, I must admit I am tempted, but I won't. I do actually love how words take on new meanings outside of the original writer's head, and I am actually happy to let all those amazing lines wash over and around me, and create their own meanings each time. It's a delightful thing about poetry.

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Stu Buck

Thu 10th Sep 2015 09:51

I am infamous for my ability to pick up everything that isnt there and nothing that is, giving me the dubious ability to enjoy things on an entirely different level to how they were meant/everyone else does.
so here i read the passage of time, a fresh ice age, religious barbarism, humanity prevailing and a new dawn, all seen through the eyes of a coma vicitim. upon re-reading i got half of that and loads of other stuff too. and the lines;
a nameless cause like novacaine
blistered thunder in my veins
looks like hate, tastes like home
backpacking the fall of rome

are superb.

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Jackie Phillips

Fri 4th Sep 2015 10:11

Hi - I haven't been on WOL for what seems an eternity but I am just having a catch up and a read through some of your more recent posts. There is always lot of angst and pain in your poetry but it doesn't come across as being full of hatred and anger, your work now, still conveys that sensitivity and feeling for others that I enjoyed when I first read some of your work. I am so glad I made the effort to take another look and will continue to do so.
Jackie x

<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 1st Sep 2015 11:15

ramble away any time John - these comment boxes are like Dr Who's Tardis.

thanks for the background, not really an area that crosses my brainwaves but a little enlightenment goes a long way - if that makes any sense. I'd worked out a tiny bit of it when sniffing around Wiki earlier for glue. Sorry, meant clues.

still wearing the cloak of karma you sent btw

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Stu Buck

Fri 21st Aug 2015 14:09

got you. its a good metaphor, especially for poets and one i should have tattooed on my mouse clicking hand! i dont think you need worry about things being to personal, the imagery and language makes you want to be inside your head, even if you have no reason why. i love the films of david lynch for this very reason. i leave each one annoyed and in wonder.

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Stu Buck

Fri 21st Aug 2015 14:00

Nope, not heard it. Enlighten me!
I always enjoy your work, its surreal and wise, treacle thick with language and meaning. im not one for overly-wordy stuff (which probably shows in the previous sentence) as i feel it dilutes meaning, but you have a great mix. your longer pieces are like walking through twin peaks after a bomb dropped.
so, the farmers dog?

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 2nd Aug 2015 08:38

thanks John - for giving me a new perspective and some early morning good karma - both of which I need right now - I will press on

Lynn Hamilton

Tue 16th Jun 2015 19:17

Mr B. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. The fact that you took the time to highlight a piece of 'The 19th Floor' means that I may now have to buy a bigger hat! Thank you and much appreciated.

Travis Brow

Thu 11th Jun 2015 15:42

Hello John, thanks for your reply, and tentative explanation. I suppose it was slightly unfair to ask for clarification - it's poetry, after all.

What you did say though, describes quite uncomfortably the way i kind of feel myself.

Thanks for your kind comment on my work. Before we descend into a tasteless mutual appreciation, you have a distinct and compelling style of writing, which i like.

Take it easy.


Sun 31st May 2015 12:44

Thanks for commenting on Song For Imar, I appreciate it x

Lynn Hamilton

Sun 10th May 2015 08:55

Again you're welcome Mr Bastard or should that now be Mr Big Ed Bastard? Thank you for your counter comment which was quite unexpected and I too experienced some swelling to the head. x


Fri 8th May 2015 10:43

Hey, hope you're doing ok, absolutely know what the negative loop stuff is like x

G Hutchins

Mon 4th May 2015 01:19

you put the reader right in the center of what you're saying and feeling....i really enjoy your work


Sat 11th Apr 2015 02:03

Hey, thanks for your really lovely comment on Cool & Sad, I appreciate it :)

Lynn Hamilton

Sun 5th Apr 2015 12:49

You're welcome Mr Bastard.

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Andy N

Mon 16th Mar 2015 12:53

thanks for the comment over ghost story ii, zach. glad you liked it. hope i can keep this quality up throughout april. big difference writing one a week than one a day but i have some good ideas in mind for it i hope!

P.S. - i will be recording this shortly.

Last year's story (for this this is a sequel can be heard here -

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Jackie Phillips

Sat 14th Mar 2015 21:39

Hey there Mr Bastard, sorry it has taken me such a while, but I read through you Ray Charles letters and I wanted to mull them over a bit before getting back to you. I think what I love about your poetry is that you truly open yourself up. When I read your poems I feel that it is a little piece of the inside you that you have put on the page which is a brave thing to do. Because of the truth you show I find it easy to empathise and I can relate your words to my own feelings. They work on me in a similar way to the poetry of Allen Ginsberg, which I hope doesn't sound to pretentious, and I very much enjoyed reading them. I hope you will continue to share your work on WOL as I am greatly interested to see how your work develops.

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Greg Freeman

Tue 3rd Mar 2015 15:01

Thanks for your comments on my Tewkesbury poem, John / Zach. Appreciated.

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Jackie Phillips

Sun 1st Mar 2015 09:27

Zach - thank you so much for the lovely comment on my profile page. It is great to know that those ttiny snippets of feedback on your poems have had such a good effect and are appreciated. Particularly by someone who's poems I admire and 3njoy so much. I would love to hear a reading of one of your poems - any chance of you uploading a recording?

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 17th Dec 2014 11:10

Hello Zach,
Just a thought,
I've noticed that you have posted a lot of your work in one session onto WOL.
This is okay but you will find that only the last one posted is shown in the blogs list (the others are archived) albeit visible in title form.
Usually, to get comments it is best to post one at a time giving others time to see the work and consider it more carefully.
Another idea (which several of us do) is to archive your work on a personal blog site and place a link to it on your personal profile here on WOL.
I hope this helps,



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