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vertebrae (10/15/2023)

when time pines, 
it happens in a vacuum.

blue-lipped and ecstatic
coloring the automatic 
raptures ruptured 
and the bubbles burst
counting down 'forgive me nots' 
and pick-up petals buy the hearse 


and day dreams
teethmarks in the shape of you
pulling blind bridles
we'd ride thru
tl so much nothing 
stretched before us
a skating rink of fate
splayed out on bad knees
smirking mirth and scarred chins


so much
that I swore I'd never walk again

(but with a rope around

my neck)

yet here you are

pneumonia and all
while pride waits its turn for the fall
we stumble 
on the arcing paths
of the same stars that guided 
warring ancestors.
whose bones the plowblade strikes
and the rattle haunt
becomes our bread: 
the buried bury us
neath that too-familiar dread . 

to pierce and fold 
contortionists grown around these 
chainlink sordid stares 
knowing glances 
itching and shared palms 
prisons of flesh

who am i but a heartbeat 
heard through the thrum of a cell

pressed here
 spine to spine 
with you

and though i cant help but turn to look 
i wake up before its real .

prisonorgasmtouchdont touchhelpdont helplook at mesee mehold mebut dont touch me

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