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Icarus The Fish

I am naught but a fish

swimming aimlessly through the sea.

Miles and miles of that breathtaking blue.

It deprives me of my breath

and leaves me trapped,

in what seems to be an endless net.

I long for the warmth of the sun on my fins,

the feeling of sand grains on my skin.


Day after day,

I shyly creep closer to you.

Your beauty lures me in,

makes me your disciple,

meant to worship your every inch.

The sight of you renders me breathless,

But gives me life all the same.

Closer and closer,

like a moth to a flame.

You have called me,

oh so sweetly,

and therefore I came.


I move until I find myself unable to move.

I flounder and I flop,

as the sand grains grate on my skin,

the sun burning my tender fins.

Fear chokes me and I succumb.

The feeling of not being able to breathe

no longer welcome.

Gone is that euphoric feeling,

having made way for terror so strong

it leaves one reeling.

My body aches and

my heart it weeps.

Blinded by desire,

how did I dare to forget?

I am naught but a fish,

no matter how much I wish the opposite.




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