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In The Farmyard

In The Farmyard
The Orpington was cackling to her neighbours in the yard,
And all her feathered friends agreed that life was not too hard.
They all extolled the virtues of a country way of life;
An egg a day from each one gathered by the farmer's wife.
The Jersey with the soft brown eyes then nodded in assent,
Supplying lovely full-cream milk was how her time...

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She Smiled


She smiled and held her new-born to her breast,
The miracle of childbirth was with her;
And twice again this image would recur.
She smiled, as through the years, she had been blest.
She smiled to see the graciousness of God,
As with her spouse they'd made Him their life's guide.
His strength for them was proven and was tried;
They'd come through life's most sto...

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I hear the spruikers' spiel and wonder
Is it true, or do they think
That we just give our wealth to plunder
Without thought, and will not shrink
From all their folly, and fall under
Such a spell with nod and wink?
For if it's true, as they are saying,
Everybody talks about
The product they have been portraying,
Why this brazen forceful tout?
And are...

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The Sanctity of Life


The Sanctity of Life
Oh God, how far is man allowed to go
Before your sovereign hand shall call a halt?
When shall his cup be filled with evil fault,
And then its brim, with blood, shall overflow?
Infanticide?  Abortion is the name
For such a course of self expedience:
A thrill without the inconvenience;
Society now seldom sees the shame.
To kill ...

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Times of Change


Times Of Change
He had turned his back on the watering hole
For the last time there with his work mates;
They had gathered each Friday for so many years
After closing the factory gates.
They sat in the warmth 'round the old oaken bar,
Each sipped from his cold amber glass,
And reminisced there of the week just gone by,
And quickly an hour would ...

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The Final Act


He seemed to be a worthless bloke—a village ne'er-do-well;
Unkempt and dirty, lived his life alone.
He scrounged around for food scraps, ate the stuff unfit to sell.
A misfit there from whereabouts unknown.
And someone called him Jack, although they didn't really know
His history or his background from the past,
And many were annoyed and they just wanted him ...

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I saw a couple in the street
With stooping form and tired feet,
And they had thin and greying hair;
Two toddlers tho' were in their care.
And from a generation past
Their mold was of a selfless cast.
I saw a mother sitting down
With friends at coffee in the town.
Her children though not with her there
For they were in some others' care.
And sh...

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Whenever one is taken and one spared,
The broken bond shall bring its own strong grief,
For such a day has stolen, as a thief,
The link forged by a lifetime's journey shared.
And so it was, with years of love declared,
With feelings then almost beyond belief,
And turmoil too of sadness and relief,
When heav'n recalled a life by sickness snared.
He'll never ...

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Christmas Time


Christmas coming, word unclear;
Much the same as was last year
"Peace on earth, goodwill to men."
Hear it, and buy presents then
From the local techno store;
Computer games of death and war.

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Corporate Greed


There's a wave of dissent tinged with hateful intent,
For many a corporate head,
For the workers are mad with the treatment they've had;
You can see it from all that's been said.
Well yes, times are tough, and we've heard all that stuff;
The government has handed out cash;
But the top dogs, you'll find, have their pockets well lined,
While the workers are swept...

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