In The Farmyard

In The Farmyard
The Orpington was cackling to her neighbours in the yard,
And all her feathered friends agreed that life was not too hard.
They all extolled the virtues of a country way of life;
An egg a day from each one gathered by the farmer's wife.
The Jersey with the soft brown eyes then nodded in assent,
Supplying lovely full-cream milk was how her time was spent.
With plenty for his cereal and butter for his toast,
But ham and eggs was what the farmer really liked the most.
The pig was standing nearby in the mud, and looking grim,
For ham and eggs for breakfast sounded horrible to him.
All very well for those who offered something every day;
The cost to them was not too high, not very much to pay.
At last he had his piece to say, his face was sad and teared;
"My friends around the pigsty one by one have disappeared.
A daily contribution would be very, very nice,
But I'm afraid I'll have to make a total sacrifice."
Tom C.

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Harry O'Neill

Fri 9th Aug 2013 22:35

Like the way this `runs`

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