Corporate Greed


There's a wave of dissent tinged with hateful intent,
For many a corporate head,
For the workers are mad with the treatment they've had;
You can see it from all that's been said.
Well yes, times are tough, and we've heard all that stuff;
The government has handed out cash;
But the top dogs, you'll find, have their pockets well lined,
While the workers are swept out like ash.
The pathetic excuses, amount to abuses;
They're hollow and just don't ring true.
They're as empty, my mate, as the dinner time plate,
When there's no weekly paycheck now due.
CEO's suck it dry then just wave goodbye,
And bail out with eight figure sums
With no thought for the mess, or the families' distress,
And the struggling dads and the mums,
And there is no real need for this corporate greed;
It's fuelled by the selfish desire
Of the top few in power in a nice ivory tower,
With no thought for who they might fire.
With their luxury cars and their living like stars
You might guess that they sleep well at night,
For in spite of their cash, their morals are trash—
No care for outsiders in sight.

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John Coopey

Wed 19th Dec 2012 18:24

Enjoyed very much, Tom.
I don't normally like political poetry of any hue but I admire the skill you have in structuring a faithful rhythm as well as constructing the internal rhymes.

<Deleted User> (5209)

Wed 19th Dec 2012 15:51

I liked this piece very much. It speaks to every human with a conscience. I've shared it through my Facebook account. Nice work.

tony sheridan

Wed 19th Dec 2012 11:37

Fantastic! You have hit the nail on the head with this! Take care, Tony.

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