The Sanctity of Life


The Sanctity of Life
Oh God, how far is man allowed to go
Before your sovereign hand shall call a halt?
When shall his cup be filled with evil fault,
And then its brim, with blood, shall overflow?
Infanticide?  Abortion is the name
For such a course of self expedience:
A thrill without the inconvenience;
Society now seldom sees the shame.
To kill is an indictable offence.
Yet life, when still confined within the womb,
With conscience free, consign it to the tomb?
But life is life, so where's the moral sense?
Your holiness has now long been ignored,
But man has yet to answer to you, Lord.

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 25th Feb 2013 23:08

caught this in a post-holiday trawl-through.

I subscribe to Cynthia`s appreciation of the sonnet form.

Having once blogged a poem on this subject, I was again amazed at the paucity of re-action - on a site where almost any subject under the sun is argued about - to the idea of mothers in early pregnancy having their incipient progeny plucked from them and destroyed. I appreciate that the legal, moral, and the societal nub of the thing centres around the status of embryonic development , but why is it so seldom a subject of discussion or argument in this country (when - in America - it can even be a factor in presidential elections, why the almost deafening silence here?

I am mystified.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 18th Feb 2013 20:40

Your point of view is expressed in a good sonnet.

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