Whenever one is taken and one spared,
The broken bond shall bring its own strong grief,
For such a day has stolen, as a thief,
The link forged by a lifetime's journey shared.
And so it was, with years of love declared,
With feelings then almost beyond belief,
And turmoil too of sadness and relief,
When heav'n recalled a life by sickness snared.
He'll never see that knowing look again;
He'll not now have the loving sounds of choice,
Nor shall he hear the happy joyous voice;
Nor hear the quiet sobbing from the pain.
Imagination, lonely and alone,
Shall see and hear the sights and sounds once known.

◄ Christmas Time

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Harry O'Neill

Thu 20th Dec 2012 22:05

Well (and movingly) done.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 20th Dec 2012 19:13

Seriously good. Clearly close to the writer's
heart, with craft and commitment employed to equal effect.

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Tom Chapman

Thu 20th Dec 2012 09:24

Thanks for the advice John. Does that mean that it's best to leave one poem up for a week or so?

The sonnet form is a favourite of mine—I use it a lot.


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Margaret Holbrook

Thu 20th Dec 2012 09:19

Very emotive, it's exactly as it is.

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John Coopey

Thu 20th Dec 2012 09:07

Powerful stuff, Tom and in a classic sonnet form too.
Excellent. Keep posting.
(Just one word of advice if you're new to the site; when you post anything it automatically removes your previous post. I know you posted a political one recently which won't be visible in the main blog although it will be on your own page).
I think that's how it works!

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