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I don't write them like I used to
now they're not carved out of my bones
like they used to be

I don't bleed all over the carpets 
in some mouldy rented bathroom
like I used to

They used to say it was the angst that drove me
some mild flair for painting what had pained me
but you have to make peace eventually
and I don't know what is driving this anymore

At the end of the line there's an ellipsis
at the end of all I said there's an ellipsis
saying so much more than I

Now I don't sweat it out in twisted sheets
with cramped heart and cracked beliefs
surrendering my barbed emotions like a flag
the way I used to

I don't tap that vein of pure unfocused bile
don't let it gush across the front row of my imagined audience
they don't say much about my unbridled verse these days
like they used to

At the end of every poem there's an ellipsis
at the end of all I said there's an ellipsis
dragging on and on

saying more than I ever could...


(Feb, 2014)

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Harry O'Neill

Wed 19th Feb 2014 22:47

I like the way that last line confirms that we`re not allowed just to leave it there.

<Deleted User> (9882)

Wed 19th Feb 2014 20:55

but tomorrow is ALWAYS when a new story starts.

thanks and cheers Tom.x

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Dave Bradley

Wed 19th Feb 2014 17:09

You've raised the question of the relationship between suffering and creativity beautifully, and left us hanging with it. And that's where it will have to stay, no doubt - one of those questions without an answer.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 19th Feb 2014 15:04

Enjoyed this, and know exactly where you're coming from. Been there.

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