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Storm Chasers

Tyre tracks on dirt roads
storm chasers
looking for the eye
or something on the other side

Peddle kisses the floor
world whips past the window
tearing up the old road
headed North, searching for more

We were happy here
but could there be greater happiness
storm is a chorus
always another verse 
on the other side…

In some mad way
we’re headed for a greater shelter
through the storm
headed for safety, hopefully

There is danger
there always is
but life is a song
with danger singing along

Windows wound down
radio up high
with our lives thrown in the boot
I feel so alive
do you feel alive?

You call it ‘danger’
I say ‘adventure’
well, life is a song
adventure singing along

Storm chasing
makes no sense
but for the place on the other side
where it’s cheap to live
that makes sense

O, but look at that view
didn’t we always say
it’s all about the view
here; we can see for miles…

In some mad way, we’re headed for greater shelter
on the other side
as we dance into the storm
I feel so alive
don’t you feel alive…


(May 2016)

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david coulthard

Tue 7th Jun 2016 18:51

I like the thought of storm chasers tearing up the road heading North, I would prefer to be heading North North East or even west if we were heading for the coast.

I knew Fingals Cave as soon as I saw it coming up on Windows 10.

Paul McArtney country with Wings flying higher than an Albatross, I am sure I saw a Golden Eagle rising on a wooden cross.

With a GPS attached to its wing they said they would not harm it with a chip and pin you only have to have a wrist band and St Peter lets you in.

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