Zero to Hero

~~No education to speak of and brought up on the street,

knowing only how to play my bagpipes that earned me my keep,

playing for a different bed on those nights i could afford to sleep,

a young life filled with hardship and very little prospect,

nobody would employ but what more should i expect,

nothing to give and nowhere to go defeat i did almost accept.

Then news broke out that there was war in europe,

life it would seem had taken a serious turn,

a passion in my heart i could feel start to burn,

this feeling overwhelming my young curious mind,

a army recruiting station was my first place to find,

so with a chest full of pride and that passionate heart,

i signed myself on and was in it from the start.

A small band of brothers we all soon came to be,

a squad so tight our likes had never been seen,

other squads envied us and glowed with the green,

as we were the top of the list for big jobs needing done,

a company of brave men who britains number one,

volunteering for the missions no-one else would take on.

Raiding bunkers and strongholds in the dead of night,

we were fearless in our job and it showed in our fight,

taking camp after camp for the reward we would reap,

pushing the enemy ever further into a bitter cold retreat,

doing our best to give hope to a world in real need.

We fought long and hard until the enemy finally fell,

staggering from nests and trenches "we surrender" they would yell,

white flag and weary eye they had no fight left and this we could tell,

that day had come at last our job was over and done,

the mop up crews moved in as we awaited our transport to come,

laying back on the grass and soaking up a little sun,

sharing a moment of victory now that the enemy had been undone.

We returned home as hero's after six years in the soup,

though some of my brothers they did not survive,

we vowed always to speak of them and keep them alive,

to make sure thier story and memory will always be,

remembered and told by the world throughout history.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 7th Jul 2014 13:23

The Armed Forces have been the salvation of many an aimless life. Perhaps it serves to balance
the need to take life in the name of the country?
I recall the late Sir Norman Wisdom recounting
how the Army had been his own saviour and gave
him security, comradeship, discipline and purpose.
He went on to become one of our greatest slapstick
comedians as well as a fine singer, but he never
forgot the debt he owed to his time in the British Army.

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