My Stranger, My Saviour, My Friend

Alone in this room as the paper falls from the walls,

i shout, i scream but not a soul hears my call,

won't someone come save me, no-one at all??,

Bound by disillusion and fear, my body goes numb,

stomping of feet stops at the door, has someone really come??,

i'm begging, i'm praying, i'm hoping for dad or mum,

will i ever see my family again, will i ever return??.

Right there the door flies open with a bang and a crash,

i take a deep breath as my life before me starts to flash,

in a panic i howl "i am but a child can you not see??",

please hurt me no more, i beg, please leave me be.

Then all of a sudden the chaos turns to calm,

a soft gentle hand takes hold of my palm,

"i'm Agent Rodriguez and here to help you i am".

With a painful yelp, i cry out with sullen joy,

"thank you dear stranger" as he hands me a small toy,

my favourite teddy bear i've not seen in weeks,

brings a warm little glow to my black and blue cheeks.

With a blanket round my shoulders, he picks me up strong,

holding me tightly this agent begins to sing me a song,

then says "your going back to your parents now, it won't be long,

and now he's gone back to singing my sweet lullaby song.

I've quietly drifted off in my guardian angels arms,

i fall into dreamland guided by his kind charms,

keeping me comfortable and warm on my journey home,

ever reassuring me i'll no longer be alone.

This man was a stranger to me but very caring and kind,

making sure to calm and sooth my young innocent mind,

he took care of me like his own until my family he did find.

To this man i owe my life and a place in my heart,

for in my rescue he played a most significant part,

he made me feel safe and secure right from the start.

My friend you check in on me from time to time,

and when your not in town still think to drop me a line,

you were my rescuer and my brave hero too,

and so this is where i gratefully say, thank you,

for Agent Rodriguez you are my saviour, it's true.

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