A Life In Recovery

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Recovery, there's more to it than an addiction,
my journey starts with a fierce gnawing of friction,
finding it difficult to find or offer up a reason,
just watching my life go by and changing with the seasons,
trying to pick up the shattered pieces bit by bit,
longing to rebuild life's jigsaw with every little that fits,
looking to lay down foundations and roots,
begging to have a future with every step over foot.

With help from workers, friends and family alike,
keeping me focused and up for the fight,
aiding me medically to ease my condition,
all the while respecting my own recovery decisions,
a showing of support, love and endless understanding,
bringing with it a vision of better days that are coming,
giving much needed hope to a weary and sullen heart,
my gratitude everlasting to those playing their part.

Now free from the chains of El Diablo's poison,
walking the road my life's choices have chosen,
living life to the full in every moment of every day,
going from strength to strength and doing it my way,
I continue on with life's gift of awesome second chance,
taking nothing for granted not a smile at a glance,
forever filling lives with a message of positivity,
but always aware of and enjoying my journey in recovery.

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