Metanoia - A Glimpse Of My Journey

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I remember the day my heart spoke to me, it cried out in a voice of pain.

Begging me, pleading with me, eventually persuading me, to take charge and make change to my life.

In a beat of that heart, my mind was changed.

I had crumbled at the realisation to what suffering I had caused myself and others around me.

I cried with hurt and remorse, with a serious aching, a sadness in my soul.

With every pain laden tear came a whisper of belief.

A belief that if acted upon would serve to restore my heart to its true nature.

A nature of loving, caring, compassion and understanding.

Gone, would be the dark soul, away would go the sadness and badness.

Gone, would be the torment of years destroyed by a poison.

A change of one's self was, indeed, very much needed.

Change was sure to be, it had to be, it will and would be made.

Personality, character, self worth, morals and more, were tweeked or renewed.

Some needing greater work than others.

A way of life, at the time I was living, had to be done with.

Living dangerously, any and every day, could well have been my last.

My changing of heart, mind and self, would be, an undertaking of great importance.

Not only of importance to myself, but, to those who loved and cared for me.

It should, could, would be done, and, done it was.

A hard task at hand, that was, a task, that would be the makings of a new man.

The opening of new eyes to this gift of life that we call our own.

That gift of life, that most in this world take for granted.

That gift I now enjoy to the fullest, sharing in it with my family and friends.

Living for, and loving every moment of my second chance at this life and taking nothing for granted.

This is "Metanoia - A Glimpse Of My Journey", thank you for reading.

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