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Perhaps our paths with cross again.
And I will finally be everything you wanted,
And you will be everything I've remembered.
You will grin,
I will blush,
And I'll pretend I haven't pictured this a million times before.
Sweet dreams of seeing your face again, of feeling your touch. 
The fantasies of you, I could never get enough. 
That one day those eyes would once again study my face.

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Prince Charming

While I lie here, dead awake. 

Replaying in my head, all the mistakes.

I tell myself, I'm not afraid.

Even though I hope, one day I'll be saved.

I feel myself go numb again.

I feel it slip, through the wounds I've opened.

I need a hero, I thought...

Just as I'm falling, to be caught.

Though my body's dead,

My mind is racing,

You're in my head,

It's you I'm chasing.


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Another man

I tried to move on to ease the pain.
My hands on another man, trying to forget your name.
As he unfolds me between the sheets,
My mind plays our memories on repeat.
Deafening the sound of his moans in my ear.
Your voice is the only thing I want to hear.
Your embrace, once wrapped around my skin,
Now only exists in my thoughts deep within.
His hands on my body, but I'm picturing you,
His l...

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It's always the ones with the brightest smiles, that have the darkest pain.
The facade of beauty that masks the truth.
The hurt.
The guilt. 
In the end, we're all just fragments of what we see in the mirror.
Ghosts of the people we pretend to be.
But oh, my dear... Never forget that under heat, that plastic will melt.
And we're burning.

How beautiful is it to think of what we c...

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In this moment, I knew he was gone.

The warmth of his kiss had vanished,

The ending.... Was beginning to dawn. 

Those countless moments we cherished,

He was gone.

Oh but his eyes... They stole my heart, 

His smile... Was one that could tear me apart.

But it was worth it, to let him destroy me.

I knew it was time to go, but with out him, I couldn't be.

I wanted all of him...

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I'm screaming,

But my lips are sealed.

I'm pulling back my skin,

My scars to be revealed.

I'm begging for you to feel me!

Splitting at the seams.

Breaking all my barriers,

Your love I will redeem.

Confusion, anger, undirected

I slip away. Undetected

Lost in the winds 

Drifting off to sea.

The world is screaming,

For you to be with me. 

But you don't hear i...

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He worshiped her.

As if her body was his religion.

Her moans, were his prayers.

And every night with her, was worth the sin.

He read her body language, as if it were his bible.

Every movement, a new verse.

Turning the pages to slowly unravel what lies between the sheets.

Her body is not her temple. It's his.


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A night in between the sheets

A few laughs,

soft brushes against the skin,

and I can feel the warmth rising inside.

Is it the wine, or is it your smile that's making me flushed?

Your compliments are so sound, and your words unruffled. The sun has been long gone for the day, and the hour of bad decisions is drawing near..... Why end it now? Things are going so well.

 Strong hands gripping my hips, I know there's ...

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