I'm screaming,

But my lips are sealed.

I'm pulling back my skin,

My scars to be revealed.

I'm begging for you to feel me!

Splitting at the seams.

Breaking all my barriers,

Your love I will redeem.

Confusion, anger, undirected

I slip away. Undetected

Lost in the winds 

Drifting off to sea.

The world is screaming,

For you to be with me. 

But you don't hear its silent cries,

Good nights, turn into good byes.

And when I wake, you are where I should be,

But you're gone, you've taken all of me.

So I lie here and wait.... 

For the day I am awaken,

And maybe that day will be the one you realized you were mistaken.

By then I'll be gone.

You will have already lost me,

And our make believe love

Will be just a memory.



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