In this moment, I knew he was gone.

The warmth of his kiss had vanished,

The ending.... Was beginning to dawn. 

Those countless moments we cherished,

He was gone.

Oh but his eyes... They stole my heart, 

His smile... Was one that could tear me apart.

But it was worth it, to let him destroy me.

I knew it was time to go, but with out him, I couldn't be.

I wanted all of him, I needed him to be the one,

I let myself fly too close to the sun.

Engulfed in flames, you watch me burn,

You hear my soul break as it yearns.

I need you, like the air I breathe,

But you laugh, you walk away from me.

I know there's love in you, I know you feel this,

I know that it's more than my body you miss.

Please don't let this be fake!

I beg my God, for this pain I can't take

But I saw it in your eyes...

At that moment I knew your heart had lied.

And here I am broken once again,

The pieces of me left, stretched so thin.

But you're gone... Yea, you walked away.

But these scars you left... Are here to stay. 




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Tiffany Tolbert

Thu 21st Jan 2016 17:37

Robert, what a great idea! I will have to work on it and see if I can turn it into a song!

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Robert Mann

Thu 21st Jan 2016 15:18

Tiffany - I can imagine this as a soul or R&B song. It does evoke a feeling of a woman pouring her heart out at the recent loss of her man. You should break it down into verses and add a chorus and you'd have a hit.

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