Prince Charming

While I lie here, dead awake. 

Replaying in my head, all the mistakes.

I tell myself, I'm not afraid.

Even though I hope, one day I'll be saved.

I feel myself go numb again.

I feel it slip, through the wounds I've opened.

I need a hero, I thought...

Just as I'm falling, to be caught.

Though my body's dead,

My mind is racing,

You're in my head,

It's you I'm chasing.

But I've slipped to far to come back,

What once was light, is now hazed in black.

I'm still waiting for you to rescue me,

Blind eyes, that once could see.

Can you even hear me scream?

Is there anything left for you to redeem?!

I'm trapped in this place

Dreaming of your face

Your lips, I can taste,

This pain would be erased!

Wet from your kiss, 

This life, I won't miss....

Until I open my eyes,

And my lips are dry,

And this bed is barren.

And reality sets in....

I'm alone, and you don't exist.

My heart, it beats through my wrists.

Slowing, almost empty now,

Waiting for the final bow.

Here comes my prince, in my final breath,

He came to save me, but there's nothing left.



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