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Neoblastic Rituals

Neoblastic Rituals

We gather high upon the hill

To do our ritual and spells

It’s dark up here with a breeze

Just like it was five thousand years ago

Our ancestors met up here

And did what we did here

One long connected circle line

We add to that each year

The veil thins and we chant songs

Their words have meaning

Carefully put together for this act

Reaching out ...

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old soul

old soul

good you understand 

not many do 

some are judgemental

yes its possible 

to have too much 

of a good thing

living on a mountain than hikes

we are all old souls

some just dont realize

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In less than an hour it will be 1997.

In this short time do you remember?

Do you shrug off the past to make way for the future

or do you hold on to the dying year

seeing every minute disappear before your eyes?

On this, the last day we have been covered by snow

and frozen by the cold as the old God Cronus turns

his hour glass over for ano...

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The musty smell of the old pub fills the air.
It reminds me of an old house –
how many people have lived, loved and laughed?
It reminds me of an old bus –
how many people have journeyed,
have missed deadlines through
delays, have dreamed.
All that is old, all that is mustiness.

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Thousands of years ago there stood a huge prosperous city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sea level was lower then and the ocean was smaller and less deep. Over the years the sea level rose, covering and drowning this magnificent place.

Many people tried to stay to ride out the storm but the flood of water became deeper and deeper until it was ...

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cityoceanoldsea level change





We drive past a cottage in the country

with its quaint decorative bricks

coloured and weathered by age.

The east wall overlooks an overgrown field

with three huge windows hung with old curtains

hiding a burning oil lamp.

This small cottage is two centuries old

and everyone has lived here

from old Victorian families to a modern eighties wri...

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An alabaster ceiling rose is ever so delicate,

a round swirling pattern that is a joy to look at.

It used to be white but now it’s all yellow

with centuries of grime and age old smoke.

People stop and wonder what went on under

the hanging lights, what was said, who loved

who and who dared to dance close.

Today the huge dance hall is empty


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ceiling rosedancehallhistoryold

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