Nostalgic winter season

These winter mornings brings with them 

Lots of laughter, fun and happiness 

The winter sun is soft and warm 

Snuggly wrapped around it's loving arms 

Flowers and fruits smells so fresh and nice 

Spreading fragrances divine 


Winter months are for me and all winter lovers 

We can go around exploring places and discover

With lover right and a caring family 

Brings joy To winter evenings by the fireplace 

Old stories of granddad and father's heroism 

Many a tales to listen and to tell 


I'm happy to experience yet another winter season

Lovely mornings and afternoons to see 

Cold waves blowing all over the Northern wings 

Much relief from October's enervating heat 

This new winter season has much in store for me 

Memories of love and happiness glowing within 


A soldier to directly March his way in my heart 

Promising a happy family and get-togethers 

He's the brave man who has been Protecting 

All my friends, family and me 

From unforseen troubles that be pouring in

A king of kings with his only little kingdom 

And a son to rule after him with brave intentions 


I miss those winter evenings 

When we walked through paths spread with golden leaves 

How beauty was strewn all around you and me 

As we silently lay by the brook weaving lovely memories 

Ah, how I wish to turn the needles around 

To bring back those happy days and late winter evenings 


I miss your warm hugs and soft kisses 

The way you would hold me in your sturdy big arms 

I could hear your heart beat calling my name everyday 

Oh those long weekends that I always awaited to be with you 

You were the only planet around which I like a moon circled 

And your are the only thoughts I keep in my heart's circle 

◄ The other side of the coin

Until forever...... ►



Mon 7th Nov 2022 01:46

Thanks Rose 🌷

<Deleted User> (9882)

Sun 6th Nov 2022 09:59


Rose 💋

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