The tongue šŸ‘… šŸ˜‹

Flesh without bonesĀ 

Is soft yet harder than stoneĀ 

Buds that helps feel the tasteĀ 

Helping us romanticize food we ateĀ 


Wagging like a dogs tailĀ 

When flattery it entailsĀ 

Slips like feet on wet floorĀ 

When insulting a weak poorĀ 


With mind it consults and hatches plansĀ 

To bring down reputation of a weaker clanĀ 

It's the only train that's unstoppableĀ 

No station to Halt and unremorseableĀ 


Words that falls and gushes forthĀ 

Makes us stand first, second or fourthĀ 

Brilliantly delivering the mugged up speechĀ 

Before the elites, wickedness to preachĀ 


Tongue is our foe or best friend for lifeĀ 

Only if beforeĀ delivering you think twiceĀ 

It creates an atmosphere calm and happyĀ 

When speaking politely and not disdanifully crappy

◄ Until forever......

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