Don't assume nor presume

Silence doesn't mean hard heartedness

It doesn't even convey Lack of emotions

It simply signifies beautiful patience

And acceptance of will of God in every situation 


Silence doesn't mean Lack of empathy or sympathy 

It doesn't also convey any hard negative feelings 

It's only a Lack of communication that's a pause 

Untill there's two way traffic, there isn't much movement 


Silence doesn't mean love nor hatred 

It also doesn't convey any vindication 

Rather it's a phenomenon of great perseverance 

Speaking only when required and only that makes sense 


Silence doesn't mean a person is deaf and dumb

Or that the person silent isn't thinking or feeling anything 

It means that the person is positively waiting 

For all commotion to rest And all storms to finally end 


Silence is a priceless gift of Almighty 

To those who are being tested heavily 

A reward for being loyal and honest to God 

And an honour bestowed upon those who have humbled their hearts

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