Do what makes you happy

Go where your heart takes you 

Love the one who loves you 

Be what you wish to be 


There's no compulsion 

There's no cat fight 

No rat race to run 

Nothing that's gaming fun 


Be with the one you wish to be with 

Build a home with whom your heart's at peace 

Live where you and your better half may please 

And create a life that's best for you and your family 


There's only one life to live 

So live with the one you love 

And have vouched togetherness till old age 

Building a family whom you can be happy with 


You my go where you wish to go

Say whatever your heart wants to say 

Express your love, anger, happiness and every emotion

Before those who hold importance in your life 

◄ Don't assume nor presume

See me Rise ►


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