I'm of youth

Grandfather of few

To feel my age again

I go hunting Game

Chasing women younger 

Older women also interests me

I'm basically lusting for women's flesh 

Anything I see I fall head over heels

My hard drive is to clumsy 

Keeps pushing me to chase women

My hair are 50 shades of grey, so My beard

I'm  totally kinky for female body 

My moronic behaviour is now My reality 

I've turned into a psychopath and rapist

Enjoy hiding behind faces 

Giving babies to strangers

I'm scared to die

Cause in grave My hard drive won't be satisfied 

I wish to be an immortal man chasing women after women

And didn't even realize when from 50 shades of grey I turned 100 shades of whites

◄ They thought

Hello there once again ►


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 7th Oct 2022 15:40

Stimulating stuff. Ironic though how mental stimulation can
lead to physical depletion! 😏

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