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Self doubt

Im not skinny, while other girls are dimes, im a penny, I have my shine, tho its not brand new, im worth something, but only to those distracted by whats shiny, I'm far from tiny or petite, my waist line is repulsive to some and somedays that someones me, I may never be enough, I've had it made, and have survived when times grew tough, not given up, I just grow bitter when i see my fluff, even if i was what i wanted would i still see that? Or would i remain picky about my self, envious of what others got?

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Don Matthews

Fri 15th Jun 2018 16:01

I can't tell you how to write Myescape. That is up to you, but the above is just one long continuous blur to me, which doesn't make me want to read it. Try splitting into lines and stanzas ? Easier on the eye Think about it but how you want to write is the writers choice.

Don ?

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