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Crescent Moon

I live on the dark side 
of the moon 
in the crescent blue. 

I live my life in reverse, 
hamster on the wheel. 
Time passes still.

An absurd 
monomaniacal obsession 
leaves me stranded 
every time, 

lost in an ocean abyss 
sinking in my sinking ship, 
sick at heart, sick of mind, 
sick of time 

passes still

on the dark side 
of the crescent moon 
I bloom in blue 
just for you. 


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addictionsBlue Moondesirespokenword


Desperation drives me to distraction.
How I crave the sweet embrace
that caresses me to sleep.
My wonderland, my sweet utopia,
lost at sea and out of reach.

Misery arrives as happiness abandons
and my frustrations get the better.

I subside, slip away,
fall back into myself,
alleviate the ache.

For nobody,
can save me from the pain
inside my brain,
my morbid hate,
the d...

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living with addiction

Hit and Miss

Contradiction is inevitable.
Perspective relative.
Monotony is life.
Amnesia saves
a selfish freedom from the past.

White open spaces,
existence and impermanence.
The great abandonment,
a tragedy,
the greatest agony,
random nostalgia.

blue open skies, open arms,
open mind over mind
over matter mad as a hatter
no matter the weather,
I don’t ...

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I Lost

Lost my way in the sun,
got lost in my oblivion,
wandered through the maze
inside my brain
found my way
back again.

I broke the wires
back there,
but I make them pure,
gold like a river
I flow.

I let it go,
my hope

My yellow brick road
will take me home
to the silver blue,
my pure, my sweet,
my golden fire moon.

I fell in lust,
the ego owned ...

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