Each one seems to be a grave one to live with.. 
Each one seems capable to reach the conscious zenith.. 
Each one seems to lie as a thorn in the memory... 
Each one seems attenuating and blurry..

Each one seems to last a thousand lifetimes.. 
Each one seems to make one die a million times.. 
Each one seems to be kept preserved as keepsakes.. 
Each one seems to be forgotten as the day breaks.. 
Each one seems to be poignant flow of  creative mind.. 
Each one seems to be raw, immature or juvenile.. 
Each one seems to gnaw the consciousness hollow.. 
Each one seems to draw flashbulb memories to follow.. 
The rollercoaster of memories are rides of joy and pain.. 
Oft a pleasant day begins with few spells of drizzly rain.. 

◄ The Soul

You would never believe me ►


mona s

Fri 19th Apr 2019 10:37

You have a keen sense of perception, reflected by your words .. Thank you for reading, appreciating and taking out time to comment on the poem.


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keith jeffries

Thu 18th Apr 2019 20:30


An unusual but excellent poem which deals with the record of our lives which accompany us every day. I suppose we are, in today´s language, walking hard drives with an information retrieval facility. The line " Each one seems to be raw, immature or juvenile" is the one that makes me cringe as some memories can cause terrible inner embarrassment.

Thank you for this

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